Random Paraphilia

Random Paraphilia

New Ep 2013

Remixes by Richard Devine, ERP, Valance Drakes
& feat. Shadow Huntaz.

All tracks written and produced by Annie Hall.
Design by Dmas3.
Mastering by Dietrich Schoenemann.

DU - 21 Detroit Underground.

Copyright 2013 Detund™.


Video Promo

Here's a preview for upcoming Annie Hall EP on Detroit Underground
Motion design by www.dmas3.com
Music by Annie Hall
Remixes by Richard Devine, Gerard Hanson aka E.R.P and Valance Drakes coming soon
And one track FEAT. Shadow Huntaz



Annie Hall


annie hall

She's one of the most l33t Spanish producers , the style of Annie Hall ranges from IDM, electro, hip hop, acid funk and techno with a very personal approach. At her production level, the technique developed into authentic mental journeys advanced electronics, exciting and expressive, fit for the dance floor or to listen at home. Her productions have seen the light in the catalogs of Semántica Records, Minuendo recordings, Miga Label, Software records, D1 Recordings, Icon Of Desire, Micron Audio Detroit & Detroit Underground™ label where she currently works.

Two years ago she moved to North America, lives in Windsor on the riverside facing the Detroit skyline where she combines her work as a DJ + producer she has remixed for Jesse Somfay, Scan7 + more, collaborations with Shadow Huntaz for their new ep with Detund that will bring many surprises. Besides this her new venture is with Kero as 'vinyl cutters' - Riverside Manufacturing (RVSD™) is a new company where she does handmade limited edition vinyl.

She works with artists and record labels for custom records and projects in the art of vinyl. She also does mastering, design, visual editing, live video mapping, visual art and graphic design. RVSD™ is on the banks of the Detroit River between Windsor, Canada and Detroit, USA.

In recent years She has performed at many of the best festivals and clubs all over Europe, USA and Canada, festival-Sonar (Barcelona) (festival-DEAF (Dublin), JMM club (Turin, Italy), Bleep 43 - (London) , LAUNCHMEAT-festival (Prague), Cyneart-Dressden festival (Germany), Baazar-(Porto) - Friendly Integration (Los Angeles California) - Blank Code (Detroit) and many more ..




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